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It’s going to be extremely fun updating this list in the coming years. Here are Stone’s 19 movie roles, ranked from worst to best.

Look where Keaton went after her first decade in film. Of note: We omitted bit parts — even though we love her in (2008)It’s insane that there was a time in the last decade of human existence when Bradley Cooper, Josh Gad, Christine Applegate, Jane Lynch, Jason Sudeikis, Will Arnett, Fred Armisen, Aziz Ansari, Demetri Martin, Keir Gilchrist, and Emma Stone all played supporting characters in a movie that starred Rainn Wilson — but, hey, 2008 was quite a year.

Daniels is morose and whiny and Reynolds is hammy and over-the-top, which allows Stone to steal the movie, giving it its only modicum of zest and soul. It’s as dumb as everything else in this movie, but both Culkin and Stone play it perfectly.

She’s too good to be the fantasy of some old white guys, and soon, she wouldn’t have to be. Check out the way Stone says, “He was a — but the one thing that does work is the relationship between Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy.

Stone and Samberg would have the opportunity to reconnect a few years later with her cameo in , analyzing morality, guilt, and the absence of God in the midst of a murder plot.

Stone’s role is crucial — she comes to understand just how troubled and dangerous her teacher is, and must take action — but the actress doesn’t bring enough gravitas to this drama.

And as with Keaton toward the start of her career, it’s not difficult to imagine Stone getting even better from here, expanding her scope as an actor without sacrificing any of her inherent affability.

Emma Stone has said that her role model as an actress is Diane Keaton, which makes total sense: Now that you’re thinking about it, it’s hard not to connect them, right?

Like Keaton, Stone is instantly likable, dazzlingly funny — you can even make an argument that she’s a comedian first and a movie star second — and relatable while never losing that star wattage.

Her effervescence gets reduced to blandness in Allen’s movies, which ultimately feels more like his issue than hers.

14.(2015)Our mild defense of Stone’s notorious casting as Allison Ng, an Air Force captain whose father is half-Hawaiian and half-Chinese, is that part of the joke of the character is that she loves bragging about her ethnically diverse background — even though she looks like, well, Emma Stone.

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Garfield and Stone were dating in real life during the film, and it’s telling that the movie essentially stops every time they start talking to each other: They’re incredibly charming.