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Sexy chat with aunties

Once a year all the groups would come to this event and stay in hotel rooms for a week and perform everyday in the theatre. This is the first story I recorded for my website: the... A branch of a store specializing in lingerie and “fun-wear” had opened in the local shopping mall. Even they wanted me to be their daughter slave."Young missiles like you need to learn how to work hard, and be submissive." My mom had said. Hi my name is Ranya and I have been married to Bill for 15 years now. My behaviour was terrible and my wife had been furious, so furious she punished me. I've always had a soft spot for men in women's clothes.I noticed, popped in and came away with a sexy little French maid’s outfit. Let me start by saying that I love my husband , and that I became his strap-on mistress after he was caught online by my friend viewing domination **** with her husband. As they pushed me up the stairs I looked into my room. I love my husband dearly but our sex life was never that great due to his really small penis which would slip out constantly whenever we tried to have sex. This story carries on after the male character, me, had returned home drunk again. I didn't realized until I got older what forced feminization was.After my wife Lisa caught me partially dressed that night and I confessed that I had developed a cross dressing obsession, she grilled me several times with many questions. My current story has a guy subdued by a stepdaughter and mother team.She wanted to know where I went when I was dressed. Every day he tells himself that he won't go back, and yet temptation by...Trisha enjoyed hot sauna and then called the masseur.She was surprised to see a new guy, but just relaxed waiting whilst he starts kneading her sexy body.

mall for shopping,i had on panties n bra,well we first go to lingerie store picks a few things then tells me to go try them on she had me leave the hot pink set on and ask the clerk if you can wear them out before u put your clothes back on,embarrassed i ask yes u can and its... In the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day, my wife expressed that she wanted a special day.

I get there and she let's me in a few minutes later she gets a phone call from her best friend to come over to her house that she had gotten her something for her new... I had just gotten back from school when I remembered no one would be a home until late a night. We grew up having macho things banned from the house, so no soldiers and army stuff like most little boys. I had spent hours being trained on how to do things, I was exhausted, and still stuck in this maid uniform.

I pulled the panties up my legs and over my crotch, feeling the soft, firm restraint around my penis and the cool kiss of the material on my buttocks. "Look in the mirror on the wall to your right" the technician ordered. I wasn't forced to do all girlie things, but when... As if called by my thought all four girls walked in and silently unlocked my clothes and threw a nightie on the bed. My friend (Ll) and I were talking one day about forced feminization and how at first she thought it to be perverse yet became quite aroused after thinking about it over time.

It started out as a joke, but then progressed into a life style. He struggled to walk, the pink stiletto heels he had been forced to wear were making him think very carefully about every unsteady and tentative step.

She controls the money and now has indiscrete photos of me, so I am screwed if I choose not to comply. I had a girl friend once who enjoyed dressing me up and takeing me out on the town with her. David had certainly never worn high heels before, so 'how the hell was...

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well i first started dressing as a girl when i told my first boyfriend i liked crossdressing , well on hearing this he got me to dress up and made me go out to the shops in my wig dress and heels ,which was such a turn on .

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