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Paleontology relative dating

Paleontology is limited to the study of sedimentary deposits where fossils are preserved, but can be used in establish relative ages of nearby igneous intrusion, faults, and other geologic features.

In Menlo Park, contact: Dwayne Champion for more information about the paleomagnetic lab.

The basic science behind this method is that calcareous shell material incorporates the two strontium isotopes in the same ratio that occurs in seawater at the time the organism was alive.

At different times in Earth's history, the relative abundance of these two isotopes in seawater gradually changed through time (such as during the Permian, the Late Cretaceous, and parts of the Tertiary).

Selected examples of correlation geochronology methods used by USGS scientists include: Paleomagnetic Dating - Under certain conditions, a record of the orientation of the Earth's magnetic field is preserved in rocks and sediments.

Paleomagnetic dating is based on correlation of measurements derived from oriented samples to established records of variations of the Earth's magnetic field through time.

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Great volcanic eruptions in the Western United States in the geologic past produced airfall deposits that have been recognized as far away as the East Coast.

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