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Her father, my uncle, was a wealthy lawyer in Virginia, and was apparently keeping her up in style.We talked about family gossip during the ride, and when we neared the place she said she lived, she pulled off into the parking lot of a yacht club on Biscayne Bay.Dinner was good, and when we had finished and drank more wine she asked if I wanted to dance.I joked about dancing with my cousin, and she said we were at least kissing-cousins, because we must look good together.She nodded her head toward two older women who were watching us from the bar across the room.She said they were busybodies and regular patrons, and probably wondered who I was.

* * * * * I was advised by my boss that I would have to fly to Miami on company business on a fall weekend last year.

I live in Savannah, and only know one person in Miami, my first cousin Tina who attends college at the University of Miami.

I hadn't seen her since she was about sixteen, so before my departure I called my aunt for directions on how to contact her.

She said she had not eaten all day because she had been studying for mid-terms, and I was hungry, also.

Inside, we passed through the restaurant into a dimly lit lounge in the rear.

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Only once did the conversation falter, and that was when she mentioned her relationship with her long-time boyfriend who had left her several months ago for another woman.