Effects of verbal abuse in dating

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Effects of verbal abuse in dating

According to the study, this is perhaps part of why many women choose to stay in emotionally abusive relationships.

Posttrauma Responding Though it is an oversimplified and perhaps even overreaching suggestion to make, it maybe easiest to think of the cluster of problems that are typically observed in the wake of abuse as all various forms of a sort of posttrauma condition, where the trauma experienced is abuse.Emotional abuse is often the hardest type of abuse to recognize and overcome because its scars aren't visible to the naked eye.Unlike physical and sexual abuse, emotional abuse doesn't leave behind scars or other physical evidence.Similarly, depression and sexual acting out can be thought of as attempts to cope, however, dysfunctionally.Depression functions to blunt emotional responding, and promiscuity to give into it wholly ("if I'm damaged goods I might as well act like it").

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Abusers frequently focus in on areas where the abused person already has self-esteem issues such as physical appearance, weight, intelligence, and so forth.